Lakeville just finished up its first year testing out a 100% electric bus. And they said it went better than expected!

The issue with these electric buses, though, is that the upfront cost is about three times higher than the upfront cost of a diesel bus. But it will start to pay off in 10-12 years, if not sooner.

Not would a switch to 100% electric buses be good for the environment, but for school districts that can afford the upfront cost, it will save them money in the long run.

But if this bus is so expensive right out of the gate, how did Lakeville afford it? Mike Forbord of the bus company Schmitty and Sons said in an interview with WCCO that they were able to split the self-funded pilot with Great River Energy and Dakota Electric.

Schmitty and Sons says that many other Minnesota schools are calling them now to check out the electric bus and see if they can justify the cost.

The major problem they see with these electric buses is, like any vehicle that runs on electricity, if the bus is driving below 15 mph it is completely silent. So in order to keep people aware of the bus, it starts to play music! WCCO says that students have given "it the nickname 'the magic school bus' and 'the ice cream truck.'”


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