It is not everyday a big movie and television star spends time hanging out at a dive bar in a random state in a random town. It happened in Minnesota just a few days ago though - and it is absolutely iconic.

It does seem like there has been more celebrity sightings in our neck of the woods than usual recently. For example, in early January, a reality star and former Bachelorette was spotted in Wisconsin.

She shared photos of her and her soon-to-be husband rocking Green Bay Packers gear and taking in a football game at Lambeau Field. He shared the photos as well, himself being a famous former contestant on The Bachelorette.

While celebrities taking in big football games is nothing new, it is not often that they fly to Minnesota or Wisconsin to do so so it was fun to see the famous faces not too far from Duluth and just one state over.

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It is also not often that you see a massive movie star walking around Minneapolis but Jon Hamm had himself quite the adventure in our state recently and thankfully for us, it was documented all over the internet.

Hamm is a huge movie star, best known for his roles in movies like The Town and Bridesmaids. Of course, he is also a massive television star, winning several awards for his role on Mad Men over the years. For that role as Don Draper, he took home an Emmy, two Golden Globes and two SAG Awards.

You are probably wondering why he was here in the first place. Well, he was in town for the NHL Winter Classic. It turns out he is a big hockey fan so he was in Minnesota to watch the game in the freezing cold, with the big game happening on New Year's Day.

One bar posted a photo of Jon Hamm in the establishment and holding a funny sign with his name on it and posing with an employee. The bar is called Palmer's Bar and it is located on Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis. He may have chosen the spot so he wouldn't draw too much attention, as it looks pretty empty behind him!

Another bar also posted a photo of Hamm and it looks to be taken on a different day based on the outfit change! In this photo, Hamm is seen rocking gear for the St. Louis Blues, including a hat and a jersey.

The bar is called Dusty's and is located in Northeast Minneapolis. Bar employees were answering questions on the photo on Facebook, stating that the actor was in the bar over the weekend at last call, that he was one of the nicest people they've ever met and that he and his crew were drinking whiskey.

The Star Tribune offered many more details on the actor's Minnesota weekend, saying that he hit up the dive bars before and after the big game and received "warm welcomes" at every one. In fact, he even hit up Dusty's on two different nights.

As for the other bar that shared a photo, Palmer's Bar, the Star Tribune says he ended up there on Sunday night after missing his flight out of town that day. It is also reported that he hit up yet another spot called Bryant-Lake Bowl while in town and happily took pictures with excited fans. However, the spot did not share any photos of his visit.

Hopefully, he had so much fun that he will be back. By the way, he also apparently had a beer from Bent Paddle so maybe that will inspire him to come to Duluth next time around as well. Here's to hoping!

The cold may have scared him off though. It was officially the coldest NHL game in history, a fact Thomas Rhett shared after his performance at the game. That is Minnesota for ya!

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