Construction crews are working on revamping the old Dayton's building in downtown Minneapolis and they have been finding some interesting things inside of the bones of the building that were built in 1902.

A recent Facebook photo that was posted to the "Old Minnesota" Facebook page, by someone who claims he is working on the construction crew, has arguably found the most interesting thing so far: a mummified monkey.

Wait... how the heck did a monkey get in there?!

There have been a few theories about that.

One person who commented, posted a picture of a Dayton's ad from 1963 advertising an exotic animal sale including two types of monkeys. Maybe the monkey came from that sale and he got lost somewhere?

Another commenter said that he remembers a former Dayton maintenance employee saying that a monkey had escaped from a pet shop that was located on the seventh or eighth floor and had gotten stuck in the ductwork. Unfortunately, according to this former employee, the monkey met it's end when it came across a blade from an exhaust fan.

This last theory would make sense since it looks like there is a definite cut in the body that doesn't appear to be natural on the mummy.

On the other hand, some people don't believe that the original photo actually came from a construction worker. They believe the whole story was made up.

Take a look at the picture here.

What do you think happened to this poor monkey? Do you believe any of these theories?


UPDATE: Robbinsdale Mayor Regan Murphy told CBS that there's a chance that the monkey could have been a monkey his dad tried to steal from a Dayton's window display back in the 60's!

Murphy says his dad and one of his friends thought it'd be cool to have a pet monkey so they stole the monkey and took it home. The monkey proceeded to destroy much of his room and his mom told him he had to get rid of it. So they took the monkey back to the store and released it and never knew what happened to it.

Murphy's dad and his friend have now passed away but Murphy said in his CBS interview that he's pretty sure his dad is laughing right now.


Source: FOX 9

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