Two Southern Minnesota men are now facing charges after one fled police on foot through a muddy field. It all started with a call to police about a truck being stuck in a Mapleton field. 

According to Southern Minnesota News, Mapleton police responded to a driving complaint at 12:25 a.m. on September 21. The caller was reporting a potentially stuck vehicle was revving its engine in the area of Borchert Street and Third Avenue SW and the driver could be intoxicated.

When the police arrived they found a pickup that they recognized as belonging to twenty-year-old Hunter Schwichtenberg of Mapleton trying to free itself from a muddy soybean field. Mapleton police also found a naked man that they believed to be twenty-four-year-old Tyler Tester of Mankato.

Tester was seen by police to be sliding into the backseat as they approached the vehicle. A container of alcohol was allegedly located on the floor of the passenger side of the vehicle and law enforcement stated that an “overwhelming odor” of alcohol came from the vehicle when the window was rolled down.

After being asked to exit the vehicle a still naked Tester fled on foot. Police called for back up, but the search for Tester was unsuccessful and called off around 3 a.m. Since the initial chase, Southern Minnesota News claims that police say they’ve been unable to locate or speak to Tester.

Schwichtenberg blew a .16 on his PBT.  Tester has since been charged with misdemeanor counts of fleeing a police officer and reckless driving as Schwichtenberg claimed it was Tester who drove the truck into the muddy field. Schwichtenberg was charged with underage liquor consumption and underage liquor possession.

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