You already have your favorite Steele County Fair foods. Can you find time to sample a few new offerings? The fair Barker announces several new foods at the 2018 fair. From juicy to grilled to frozen, the latest additions cover several food groups.

Juicy Lucy Meatballs sound incredible. Frozen cereal, apparently on a stick, will be a new way to cool down a bit on a hot summer day. Grilled peanut butter may, or may not, come on a sandwich. It's hard to tell in the picture. Strawberries and cream will offer a refreshing snack. Thumbelina might be a different twist on a mini-donut. Brownies are also on the list of new foods. Seems amazing that in 100 years, brownies haven't been a choice before now, but I love brownies. So I give it a thumbs up.

These six new options are in addition to the 100 food choices from A to W at the fair. There are no X, Y or Z selections. See the full list of Steele County Fair foods.

New exhibits at the fair include the Butterfly Encounter which will be open daily in the KRFO TownSquare Area between the Four Seasons Centre and the 4-H fine arts building. Bazillions will perform on the Reeseland Stage in the TownSquare Area several times each day.

The Alexander Lumber Corner brings in wood carver Burt Fleming, who will use his chainsaw to create carvings large and small. The Stardust Circus is new with several daily performances.

Find out how to get a free KRFO t-shirt at the fair. Review the latest news about the fair on the KRFO Steele County Fair page, sponsored by Owatonna Motor Company.



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