We asked you this weekend, what are you most looking forward to at the Steele County Free Fair, which starts tomorrow right here in Owatonna. While we got plenty of responses there were a few themes. Just having the fair was one common answer we saw, another of course was the food at the fair. Here is what folks had to say about what they were looking forward to most about the largest county fair in Minnesota!

Patrick S told us that he was most looking forward to the "Elks Reuben Sandwiches".

Tamara H is looking forward to "Watching her great-nieces show hogs".

Crissy K and Philip C both went general with what they were looking forward to most at the Great Steele County Get-Together as they just said the food. 

Melissa and William went more with the people direction for an answer, as William mentioned being able to spend time with his family and Melissa felt most excited about seeing people and being around people, which I think at times many of us can agree was something many missed out on during 2020.

Paul H noted he was looking to get in the barns and the 4 Seasons to see the animals and exhibitors.

Live music was another popular answer with people being excited to see the Whiteside Walls, Hairball, and of course, there is the free concert for all the front lines workers featuring Jason Pritchett and Travis Thamert on Wednesday night at the Grandstand.

Whatever the reason or thing that you enjoy most about the fair, channel that energy and get ready to come out and enjoy the pageantry of it all, and it's all right here in Steele County.

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