If you've been outdoors recently it''s hard not to notice the clouds of gnats flying around. One type of gnat that is new to the land of 10,000 lakes isn't practicing its social distancing or being Minnesota Nice. 

The new gnat species, Simulium Tuberosum according to KSTP-TV, are an aggressive gnat that is stinging Minnesotans with its bite. Typically these types of pests can be controlled through spraying and treating the breeding waters where they live, but this year due to this new species of gnat the Minnesota DNR isn't permitting the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District to treat the water or spray according to KMSP-TV. 

The new gnat has been confirmed along the Minnehaha Creek and in Hastings, other areas in the state are also sure to have these new aggressive gnats too.

KMSP-TV also reports that the Minnesota Mosquito Control District is "conducting surveillance on rivers and streams to find out where in the seven-county district the gnats are laying eggs. It’s still too early, however, for experts to know where this particular species came from and whether it’s a one-generation pest, meaning the biting will subside in two to three weeks."

So how can you minimize being a victim from gnat bites? According to healthline.com, you should:

  • Avoid bodies of water
  • Cover exposed skin
  • Use insect repellent (these gnats need a heavier DEET spray)
  • Wear light clothing and, 
  • Avoid using scented products
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You can watch the entire KMSP-TV report on these gnats below.

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