You've probably heard old-timers talk about how much worse Minnesota winters were back in their day. Turns out they're right.

New research from Climate Central reveals that Minnesota and Wisconsin winters are much warmer than they were in 1970. The data says winter temps in those two states is warming at a faster rate than nearly every other area in the United States.

On their site they say parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and northern New England winters have warmed at an average rate of more than 1°F per decade since 1970.

The cities that experienced the biggest jump in average temp were:

  • Burlington, Vermont 7.0°F
  • Mankato, Minnesota 6.0°F
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota 6.0°F
  • Fargo, North Dakota 5.9°F
  • Waterloo, Iowa 5.9°F

Read more on their report here.


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