Soldering in the basement was the determination of what started a house fire on Roberds Lake Boulevard yesterday evening in Faribault. Faribault Fire Chief Dusty Dienst sent out a press release surrounding the reported fire, thankfully there were no injuries reported, but the home suffered extensive damage from the blaze.

Image Credit: Kelly Lee Velander

According to a press release sent out by Chief Dienst at 6:54 pm Wednesday, "the Faribault Fire Department, Rice County Sherriff’s Deputies, and North Memorial Ambulance Service responded to a structure fire on the 17000 block of Roberds Lake Blvd. A passerby reported flames coming out of a window at that address. Upon the arrival of emergency personnel, smoke and flames were showing from the backside of the home."

Image Credit: Crystel Becker via Facebook

Firefighters were able to knock down the flames and then began the task of opening up some walls and parts of the ceiling searching for any other sources of fire inside of these areas of the home. Dienst reported that all firefighters cleared the scene at 10:35 pm.

The Faribault Fire Department conducted an investigation and "determined that the fire was caused by soldering that was being performed on water pipes in the basement of the home." Faribault fire was able to determine that the fire had started in the ceiling area of the basement and then extended all the way into the attic area of the home.

Fire Chief Dustin Dienst commented, “We are thankful that no one was injured by this fire and would like to thank the Owatonna and the Morristown fire departments for their assistance at this physically exhausting fire.”

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