I went to the Great Minnesota Get-Together on Friday. I always love checking out the Eco Building and while I was there I noticed that a Northfield distillery was being featured there! The distillery is called Loon Liquor Co.

Loon Liquors was started in 2011 by two friends, Simeon Rossi and Mark Schiller. According to the display at the state fair, "they were granted federal permission to make spirits in southern Minnesota in 2013, the only two people to do so in over 100 years." That's impressive!

On their website, here is what they say their mission is:

Loon Liquor Co. aims to craft the most delicious spirits from organic, local suppliers while quantifiably improving social and environmental sustainability, and throwing in some humor from time to time.

The reason they were featured at the fair is because they use only organic, locally-sourced ingredients and grains for their liquor and snacks they sell at the distillery. At Loon Liquors you can buy craft cocktails, non-alcoholic sodas, and snacks.

On the fair display, it says that they hope to someday "have a 'field to bottle' organic farmstead distillery where they grow everything they need and customers can learn about the process, from growing small grains to creating spirits." Now that would be a really cool place to check out!

Loon Liquors has expanded like crazy. By 2018 they had quadrupled their production capacity. They've also won many awards!

Check out more about Loon Liquors on their website!

Taken by Carly Ross, TSM, at the Minnesota State Fair
Taken by Carly Ross, TSM, at the Minnesota State Fair


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