Some of the best fishing of the season, in Minnesota, is happening right now. That's if you can handle chilly fall days on the lake. This is according to those "in the know." This time of year is the best time to fish in Minnesota lakes.

I'm not "in the know." This isn’t coming from me. I do love fishing, but I would not even come close to considering myself any sort of fisherman.

But it’s good. I have friends who do. And one of them told me that typical October weather is the best time to fish.

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He describes it like this: There’s no pressure on the lake — no water skiers, knee boarders -- and there is very little boat traffic in general. In other words, things that typically scare the fish are not on the lake to scare them.

And on top of that, there’s barely anyone fishing in general. It’s usually only the hardcore fishing people, the type where fishing is their religion, that are on the lake.

He says it is a great time to hit numbers and hit size.

Now that doesn’t mean you can just put your line in the water and instantly catch fish. Finding the spots can still be tough. The fish are typically deeper in the water and you still just have to find that right depth. But once you do, you can get those numbers, along with size.

With temps getting back towards typical October levels, the best fishing for you might still be out there.

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