So much for trying to help someone out and then they steal your car.

Over in Tyler County, Texas this morning, local police had an interesting start to their Monday. They were getting reports of a naked woman standing on the side of the highway. Now before police arrived a good Samaritan decided to pull over and help the woman out. This woman who decided to help has not been named, but she was a grandmother driving down the road with her grandchildren in the backseat.

The grandmother had apparently been a nurse for several years and decided to wrap the woman in a blanket. She got her in the passenger seat of her car and got the naked woman out of the cold. The naked woman kept saying she was thirsty, so the grandmother went to the trunk to grab a bottle of water out of the back. That is when the woman jumped into the driver's seat and sped off with this woman's grand kids in the back.

The woman would pull up to a convenience store about a mile away and kick the kids out of the car. A convenience store worker called police to let them know about the kids being left with a woman peeling out of the parking lot. Police would catch her not too far from the store and after a short chase she was taken into custody.

The name of the woman has not been released pending formal charges and arraignment. Just a simple grandmother trying to help out a naked woman on the side of the road and then all of the sudden. Your car and grandchildren are gone.

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