Not a lot of people may be aware, but there are a few spots where you can be completely naked in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Some people like to be naked in their own homes, others may prefer to catch some fresh air in the nude. How popular is being naked in Minnesota?

Well, the weather can be a little predictable in this gorgeous state of ours. There are some stories of skinny dipping in one of the many lakes throughout the state. I would not recommend trying it during the long cold months we have.

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Before we dive into the limited number of places where you can be legally naked in the state, let's take a look at the laws.

According to Keller Law Offices, public nudity is it is the act of a person exposing certain parts of their body to the public, but it can also be the case where someone is naked in a public space where nudity is not allowed.

Here are the activities that prohibit Indecent Exposure according to Minnesota Statutes Section 617.23:

  • Knowingly and lewdly exposing one’s private parts or other body parts that are typically hidden but are likely to cause distress when viewed by others, and includes acts such as flashing and even public urination.
  • Encouraging another person in such a way that they expose their private parts or body parts.
  • Engaging in any other public act that is indecent and/or lewd.

There are some cases of accidental nudity, for example, you wake up with out pajama bottoms, walk into your living room with the blinds open and a person walks by.

Now that we know the laws, let's see where you can legally be naked in Minnesota:

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Two Creeks Campground

Located in Sandstone, MN (62399 Duxbury Rd) you'll find Two Creeks. The campground is a private, 100-acre secluded property for adults over the age of 21. The camp is available from May 1st - mid-October. I'm assuming for safety reasons, no one can just come in from the road to camp, they have to register ahead of time. Also, it's not an entirely nude camp, clothing is always optional. There are cabins to rent, RV hookups, and areas to pitch a tent.


Freedom Valley Campground

Located in Cushing, not exactly in Minnesota, but close enough that I'm putting it on the list. Guests at Freedom Valley also must be 21 years or older. There are RV hookups, a nude beach, a swimming pond, a sauna, an entertainment stage, modern bathhouses,  a dog walking area, and there's even a planned expansion, and more. According to their website, "our wish is to provide our guests and residents with an environment in which they feel the freedom to express themselves."

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The Oakwood Club

Feel the air, the wind, and the freedom at the Oakwood Club in Stacy, MN. There's live music, comedy shows, karaoke, dancing, volleyball, a pool, and more. According to their website, they were the first nudist club and one of the first in the entire United States. The club was established in 1942 where like-minded friends gather to enjoy the many benefits of social nudity.

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Avatan Nudist Club

Located in East Bethel, MN, Avatan is celebrating 60 years of a "nude attitude". According to their website, they are Minnesota's largest and friendlies nudist community. There is a large pool, hot tub, sauna, volleyball courts, petanque courts, clubhouse, spacious grounds, and more.


Arch bridge over Lester River at Lester Park in Duluth, MN
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Nude Swimming Hole Falls

Legend has it, there is actually a "nude" swimming spot also off the Lester River in Duluth, MN. The Boreal Voyager has a nice map that lists 'Nude Swimming Hole Falls' in between 'Two Sisters Falls' and 'Shallows Falls'.

I have never personally used the nude swimming hole before and I'm not sure if it even exists anymore. But I remember hearing that you could see that particular swimming hole off an overlook on the main loop of the Lester Trail.

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