After the polar vortex and the snowiest February on record it's safe to say everyone is ready for spring. Everyone expect Mother Nature apparently. The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting a cold and snowy March for us. They break down their month-long forecast by the week:

  • Mar 1-5 Sunny, mild
  • Mar 6-19 Snow, then flurries, very cold
  • Mar 20-28 Snowy periods, cold
  • Mar 29-31 Sunny, cool

March is typically snowier than February but I can't imagine this March being snowier than this February. We crushed our February snowfall record this year with 40-inches of snow. And our winter snow total is also way above average -The National Weather Service says 68.2 inches of snow fell in Rochester during the 2018-2019 meteorological winter (Dec 1st - Feb 28th). That's 33 inches more than we typically get.


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