9/30/2020 ***A reminder to anyone reading this that in no way should you go onto private property to view this silo. A note from the family to me also wants to discourage people from coming by during the harvest, as there is an increased liability risk for the family working the land. Once again in no way is this article encouraging anyone to trespass onto private property to view this or any other silo mural, you can see the mural via the photos below.***

Only in Minnesota would someone look at a 100' silo and think that it would make a great canvas for a mural. Well, it's a good thing that's where we live as muralist Tony Stafki did just that with a 'retired silo' on a dairy farm in Hutchinson. The massive silo/mural is visible from Highway 7.

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The silo belongs to the Luthens' family who operates the Skyview Dairy Farm off of Highway 7 in McLeod County.

I had the chance to ask muralist Tony Stafki his motivation/inspiration behind the giant mural. He told me via Facebook Messenger that, "The clients [the Luthens family] just wanted a Dairy farm scene since the silo is on a large family dairy farm. So of course had some cows in there. The large milk geyser just made it interesting to look at while highlighting milk. The dairy products are what their milk becomes." The finished product will make you say "holy cow".



Posted by Muralist Tony Stafki - Walls of Art LLC on Sunday, September 27, 2020

As you can see from the picture above the silo was totally transformed into an absolute work of art. You can see more pictures of the silo turned mural here. 

You can see some drone footage of the silo while Tony is working on it here.

As for the family that runs the dairy farm, according to their dairy farm website, they milk over "1150 cows." As for who is in charge of the whole operation "the farm is currently managed by the Luthens Family, Daryl and his four sons; Shane, Brandon, Justin and Garrett."