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It was a super busy day. Her father's viewing was that night and she didn't have time for this nonsense. Diana, running late, tried to start her Elantra, to warm it against the chilly Minnesota evening. Try as she might, it would not start.

"Maybe I flooded it," she thought and ran back inside the farmhouse to get the hand sanitizer and extra masks. Back outside, the sun was disappearing and she tried it again. Nope...what could be wrong? Time was running out.

"Maybe you should just forget it, we'll take Dad's car," her sister Wanda said, opening the garage door and starting the Buick. Wanda had had Diana's car for a few days and had no trouble, so why won't it start now?

"Well, no time to think about it now," she thought. "We can take care of it later. Have to get going to greet the few people that'll show up during this pandemic." They made it to the viewing and it was filled with love and laughs, tears and joy. Sure, not a lot of people and social distanced, but somehow close all at the same time.

A few times the conversation turned to the car and what could be wrong with it. Later, when things were calm, Diana had the car towed into town and the mechanic sent her a picture. What was the problem?



Her sister Wanda lived in the city, and a squirrel had obviously hit the bread jackpot! Maybe it was planning to stuff a really big turkey?

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