If you haven't had a chance to check out the new Hulu series 'Pam & Tommy', you might want to catch up before next week's episode.

The show has released 4 episodes to this point that center around the relationship and sex tape scandal involving actress and model Pam Anderson and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, the title of the next episode caught my attention for its inclusion of Duluth.

Episode 5 is called Uncle Jim and Aunt Susie in Duluth and it gets released on February 16th, the only description that is given about the next episode says, "The tape ends up in the hands of Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione."

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I have no idea if they mean Duluth, MN or Duluth, GA, and watching the trailer for Uncle Jim and Aunt Susie in Duluth doesn't help with identifying why Duluth is mentioned in the title. I couldn't find any details about either Pam or Tommy having any relatives in Duluth, so maybe it's about another character in the show?

The show stars Lily James as Pam, Sebastian Stan as Tommy, and Seth Rogan plays a construction worker who finds the tape and tries to sell the tape to get revenge on Tommy who owes him money for work done on his sexual playroom. Rogan also is one of the show's producers.

The show itself is pretty good, there is plenty of humor, drama, and yes nudity that you would expect from a show about one of the most popular celebrity sex tapes, ever. There is even a scene in the second episode that you have never seen before on TV or film and will probably never see again.

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