Records show that pizza made its first appearance in Naples, Italy, sometime in the 10th Century. It started out as a flatbread with a sauce and sprinkled with cheese. Fast forward a few hundred years, and it's a staple in many households. Which of course begs for its own day, Pizza Day, celebrated on February 9th.

Almost every single town, even the smallest, have some sort of pizza joint, or the local watering hole has a pizza oven, where they heat up frozen pizzas. There are so many different ways to prepare pizzas, thin crust, hand-tossed, even a stuffed crust. I have seen some pizza chains offer a pretzel style crust, or you can get the pie on a flatbread. I have tried pizza made on a charcoal grill, how yummy.

Breakfast pizza ranks up there as one of the best types, in my opinion. Scrambled eggs, cheese sauce, and some type of breakfast meat, extra credit for adding hashbrowns. I also enjoy a good dessert pizza, or the cold veggie pizza, made with cream cheese, and fresh veggies.

I do not necessarily consider myself a pizza connoisseur, or a pizza snob, that means that I will try almost any style or chain of pizza, hold the olives, please. I also feel that pineapple can make a great addition to pizza, after all, how can you do Hawaiian without the chunks of pineapple? My absolute favorite though? Homemade, the way my mom makes it. It's so easy, it's a pre-packaged crust mix, spread into a rectangle shape, on a cookie sheet. You add a basic marinara sauce, hamburger, onions, green peppers, and shower the pizza with cheese. Both Parmesan and Mozzarella. Perfection and the best comfort food. Excuse me while I call my mom and ask her to make me some pizza.

What's your favorite pizza? I asked some of the guys around here and I have heard chicken alfredo, shrimp and cheese, and homemade, with cheese, meat and more meat, and cheese.


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