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With some area pools and some beaches in Minnesota closed for the season due to COVID-19 Minnesotans are going to have to get creative with ways to cool down on those hot and humid summer days. Personally I use a cold washrag, or some frozen vegetables on my head to cool off after I am outside mowing the lawn on those hot days. If you are looking for some other ways to stay cool I've got the list for you. Here are some affordable gadgets to help you stay cool this summer.

Stay cool or at least move that humid air around with a cell phone fan. There are enough in this 6 pack for the whole family.

People will tell you in hot weather to stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids, you can do that and mist yourself with this water bottle.

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How about a mini personal air conditioner?

I've used these before, but don't own any. Cooling towels.

A small misting fan might help you beat the heat.

How about your own pool?

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