As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed over the weekend, I kept seeing pictures of my friends' children, and my niece, in their formal wear. It is prom season in the area, and the pictures are popping up everywhere.

I enjoy looking at the changing fashions, the dresses are certainly better than when I went to prom. I have seen a lot of florals this year, much better than the pastel pink with sequins that I wore. The prices don't seem to be that high either, I recall my dress being almost $200, which was a LOT for 1991. I have seen dresses, very nice dresses, for less than that now.

Something new (at least to me) is the elaborate promposals, asking for a date in a unique way. When I went, I am not even sure I was officially asked, we just said we were going. How romantic right?

Owatonna's prom is scheduled for this Saturday, May 12th. Medford had their prom on May 5th, as did Blooming Prairie, and Kenyon-Wanamingo. Now graduation is right around the corner.

Prom Dress


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