March 14, next Sunday.  That is the day that the House and Senate would like the third stimulus check bill approved by.  Some of the reason for that particular day is because that is also the day that the unemployment and pandemic relief funds are set to end.


When this is all approved, signed off on and made into a law, the payments should start going out by the end of March, beginning of April.  The issue could be that the IRS is then also dealing with tax returns.  This could delay and also complicate things.  Again, the best way to receive your cash, if you qualify, is through direct deposit.  If you don't have direct deposit, or didn't for the last 2 stimulus  checks, when you file your taxes this year, make  sure you add that element if at all possible.

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The group that was receiving the payments last time will still be the group receiving the payments this time again, this time in the amount of $1400 per person and $1400 for each dependent. The difference is that if you were making over $75K for an individual and over $150 for a couple would receive partial payment.  This would be a change this time. The payment would zero out by $80K for an individual and $180K for a married couple.

This amount is still based on your 2019 tax returns.  But if you have already filed for 2020, or if you are planning to before the end of March, this could make a difference in what you would be receiving.

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