Wine and cheese lovers rejoice, today is your day! According to, this is the day set aside each year to celebrate those two things that go together so well, your favorite wine and cheeses. I'm not much of a wine drinker, but even this pairing is undeniably delicious. I've actually only taken part in an afternoon of wine and cheese once in my life and that was at a bed and breakfast that my wife and I stayed at in Grand Rapids. The couple that owned the B&B used this get-together as an ice breaker for all the guests that would be sharing their house for the weekend.

Other than that one time, I've probably dined on cheese and other finger foods and snacks at various parties throughout my adult life, but never just those two things together.

With wine and cheese day a cause for celebration, make sure you stop by your nearest liquor store and pick up a bottle of your favorite wine and then swing by the store and purchase some of your favorite cheeses and throw your own wine and cheese party.

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