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This past weekend was the Stillwater Harvest Fest. Well, actually it was the Stillwater VIRTUAL Harvest Fest because, ya know, COVID. But it sounds like the festival went well! In fact, the record for the largest pumpkin was broken at this year's festival.

The St. Croix Grower's Association Annual Pumpkin Weigh-Off was a part of the festivities and the pumpkins that get weighed each year are absolutely massive. WCCO writes that the pumpkin that broke the record for largest pumpkin this weekend weighed in at 1,990.5 lbs!

The humungous pumpkin came from Lancaster, MN, which is way up in northern Minnesota close to the Canada border. Charlie Bergstrom was the man behind this pumpkin and he put a lot of time and water into it. He told WCCO that "he used 100 gallons of water a day and fertilized it daily." He also said that within the last week it was growing about 40 lbs per day. PER DAY! That's nuts!

For growing this huge pumpkin, Charlie won the top prize of the festival of $5,000. The Twin Cities Pioneer Press writes that before this weekend the record was held by Chris Qualley. He broke the record in 2018 with his pumpkin that weighed 1,918 lbs.

You may not be carving a pumpkin quite this big but we would still like to see your pumpkin carvings! You can send us pictures on our free app.

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