Reduce, Reuse, Recorded? That might become the next three R's in certain parts of Southern Minnesota as Tri-County Solid Waste recently announced it was going to be putting in surveillance cameras as certain recycling sites across LeSueur, Nicollet, and Sibley counties. 

KEYC-TV reported Monday that "security cameras will soon be installed" at recycling sites. Anyone caught illegally dumping non-recyclables could then be issued a fine.

When someone dumps non-recyclable materials into the existing dumpsters it more or less contaminates the container causing Tri-County Solid Waste to have to sort the entire dumpster removing the non-recyclable materials. Fines incurred by those caught can range from $200-300 from Tri-County Solid Waste and up to $500 from the county for illegal dumping.

Here is a handy graphic in case you are wondering what can and can't be recycled plus some other tips.

Some tips for recycling:

  • Plastics numbered one, two and five are acceptable for recycling
  • You should never recycle paper shreds, foam cups, loose plastic bags, furniture, carpet or food.
  • Other non-recyclable items include batteries, cell phones, computers or televisions.

Get more information on recycling here. 

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