We couldn't sit back and not do anything. The Rice County 4-H club members have worked too hard on different projects, and/or raising and feeding their animals to not be rewarded in some way, and after talking to Kelly Chadwick of the University of Minnesota Extension Office in June and later in July it was decided that KDHL will broadcast the ribbon auction online through our YouTube channel and on-air to allow participants to raise funds like normal through the ribbon auction.

The auction will take place on July 25th, with the auction going LIVE at 9:15am on KDHL's YouTube channel. You can bid through the chat feature during the event, or simply tune in to The Mighty 920 KDHL Saturday morning and listen to the event. Jerry Groskreutz and Paul Shea will be 'anchoring' the auction in-studio and also leading the auction as well.

The auction will feature what the 4-H participant's ribbon winning specie is being auctioned off, and a 5-minute bidding window will open up. Let's help these kids fundraise just like any other year!

If you'd like to register to bid during the auction, head to this link https://z.umn.edu/4HAuctionRegistration, or you can contact Kelly Chadwick at the Rice County University of Minnesota Extension Office at 507-332-6163. Registering ahead of time makes it easier to collect funds when the auction ends.

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