2021 Rice County Fair Junior Ambassadors. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld

The 2021 Rice County Fair Ambassadors and Junior Ambassadors were chosen during a program this evening on the Fairgrounds in Faribault.

An excellent crowd watched in the large Commercial Exhibit Building across from Curtis Hall and next to what will be the Sellner Stage during the fair.

The event was aired live on Facebook and will be replayed on KDHL Tuesday evening.

Junior Ambassador selections were announce first.  Five candidates ran for two positions.  Chosen was 9 year old Alexa Rojas.  Alexa will be in fourth grade this fall at Cannon River STEM School.  She told the crowd her favorite memory of the Rice County Fair was the first time she rode the Starship 2000.  It's now her favorite ride but she enjoys riding all the rides.

Alexa was sponsored by Rojas All Pros Companies of Northfield.  She is the daughter of Jose and Sara Rojas of Faribault.

The other Junior Ambassador is 9 year old Clara Winget.  Clara will be in fourth grade at Greenvale Elementary School in Northfield.  Her favorite memory at the fair comes from showing her rabbits.

Clara was sponsored by Lonsdale Feed Mill.  Her parents are Dane and Sarah Winget of Northfield.

Named Ambassadors for the Rice County Fair are Avalon Roberts, 18, 2021 Bethlehem Academy graduate.  Roberts will be a freshman at the College of St. Benedict this fall pursuing a degree in nursing.

Roberts says enjoying food at the fair is her favorite activity to enjoy during the Rice County Fair.  Her sponsor is C&S Vending of Faribault. She is the daughter of Alana and Clayton Gourhan of Faribault.

Marisa Winget, 16, entering her junior year at Northfield High School.  Her favorite memory of the fair is attending the 4-H Auction with her grandpa when she was little.

Marisa is sponsored by Lonsdale Feed Mill.  Her parents are Dane and Sarah Winget of Northfield.

Kortney Prior, 17, will be a senior at Faribault High School this fall.  Kortney wants to go to college to get a nursing degree and become a registered nurse..

Her favorite memories of the fair are showing her animals and making new friends.

Kortney is sponsored by Fissans Training Kennel of Dennison.  She is the daughter of Laurie and Bill Prior of Nerstrand.

The Friendship Award was voted on by the candidates to be the person they found most deserving of the award.  Emily Liebl, 20, was chosen.

Liebl will be a junior this fall at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth/  She is majoring in Marketing and Business Management.  Emily's favorite fair memories surround being involved in 4-H in various leadership roles.

Emily was sponsored by Division Street Dance of Northfield.  Her parents are Ken and Sara Liebl of Dennison.  She was a 2019 graduate of Northfield High School.

2019 Rice County Fair Ambassadors Kelsie Demars, Kaia Quimby and Ella Schmidt each gave their farewell address while judges were making their final decision.

The judges conducted formal interviews of the candidates last Tuesday.  The program performance was also used to determine the Ambassadors and Junior Ambassadors.

David Gross and Lynne Goldberg donated scholarships for the Rice County Fair Ambassadors.

Gretchen Hohrman and her Ambassador Committee did an outstanding job organizing the event with refreshments following the program.

Here are a few pictures I took from the program.

The weather forecast for Rice County Fair week is very warm but no rain.  Here are some fascinating weather facts.

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Most people enjoy seeing animals at the Rice County Fair which runs Wednesday, July 21, 2021 through Sunday, July 25, 2021 in Faribault.  See if you know your dog breeds.

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KEEP LOOKING: See What 50 of America's Most 'Pupular' Dog Breeds Look Like as Puppies