The Rice County Fair is already next week! Before you hit the fairgrounds on Tuesday there are 6 things you need to know before you go.

1. Parking Change - the fair is still free but parking is now $7 for a day pass and still $20 for a week-long pass. You can purchase week-long passes now at the Rice County Fair Office.

2. Chocolate Contest - show off your baking skills at the chocolate contest on Wednesday, July 17th. Entries must be submitted by 5 PM that day. Get all the details HERE!

3. Senior Day - Thursday, July 18th is Senior Day at the fair. Some deals for Senior Day include discounted parking, golf cart rides to and from your car, and a Spotlight Meal in the Straight River Room at 11:30 AM. Find more deals for Senior Day and nominate someone for the Outstanding Senior Citizen Award HERE!

4. Kids Day - Friday, July 19th is Kids Day at the fair. There is a free kids program at the Cannon Stage at 1:30 PM and kids armbands are $20 for unlimited rides from noon until 5 PM (regular price of $25).

5. Beer Garden Performances - Thursday, July 18th: Devon Worley; Friday, July 19th: The Chad Johnson Band; Saturday, July 20th: Mr. Peabody. Get more performance information HERE!

6. No Rides on Tuesday - On Tuesday night there will be no rides, rides open up on Wednesday. The carnival workers "need a certain amount of hours of sleep just like truckers so that they can safely put up the rides so there will be no accidents." Find out more info HERE.

We'll see you at the Rice County Fair next week!


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