The Rice County Board of Commissioners had a 15 minute meeting today in the Commissoner's Room at the Government Services Building in Faribault.

County Highway Engineer Dennis Luebbe asked for final payments for a handful of projects throughout the county including $122,549.06 for pavement rehabilitation on County State Aid Highway 46 and $7,829.60 for County Road 90 bridge replacement in Richland Township.

During the discussion County Commissioner Steve Bauer asked Luebbe about the life of a pre-cast concrete culvert versus a metal one.

Luebbe told Commissioners he though the concrete culvert would be approximately double in life span to the metal culvert, speculating about 100 years for the concrete model because it's more durable.

Commissioners also approved a resolution accepting a State Homeland Security Program matching grant of 12,516.25 for the Sheriff's Department.

Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn told Commissioners the dollars would be used to place radios in six squad cars.

The County Board passed a resolution from the Auditor/Treasurer office to apply for a State Election Equipment grant for up to 155 thousand dollars and also appointed Charlie Peters and Michael Streiff to the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment.

Rice County Highway Engineer Dennis Luebbe before County Board. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld