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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester man has been acquitted of a perjury charge.

An Olmsted County judge returned the not guilty verdict last week after hearing the evidence against 26-year-old Oddie Oker in a court trial that was held in late March. Oker was accused of lying under oath during his trial on felony criminal sexual conduct charges. Prosecutors claimed that his testimony resulted in his acquittal on the most serious charges against him, which allowed him to avoid a prison sentence.

The charges against Oker alleged that he admitted to sexually penetrating the victim while undergoing a psychosexual evaluation after denying the allegation during his court testimony. The Olmsted County Judge who heard the case found Oker not guilty of the felony perjury charge after finding there was evidence that the person who conducted the psychosexual evaluation enticed him into admitting he lied during the trial by telling him he could not recommend treatment if he continued to deny the allegations.

“The Court has a reasoned belief that promises or threats were made to Defendant to ultimately make him feel that it was in his best interests to tell Mr.(evaluator) that he sexually penetrated the victim…”

During the original trial in 2017, Oker was convicted of 5th-degree criminal sexual conduct but was acquitted of First and Second Criminal Sexual Conduct and First Degree Burglary. He was sentenced to a year in jail and was ordered to register as a predatory offender.

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