We all have tough days at work but I'd guess that most of the time our bad days don't involve chickens. One poor Rochester, Minnesota cop had the task of chasing down a chicken on the loose in Rochester this weekend. I guess I shouldn't assume that this task made it a bad day, maybe it was his highlight of the day!

In the video, the cop is running in a Rochester neighborhood, dodging trees, trying to catch this chicken that's having the time of his life running around town. The chicken keeps evading him which makes the cop's job much harder.

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I understand how he must have been feeling. If you've listened to the morning show you know that I have two cats. Sometimes those cats can get poo stuck on them and we have to try and chase them down. It can definitely be a lot of work sometimes!

Sadly, the catch wasn't caught on video, but there's photo proof on the Facebook post that the cop did eventually get the chicken. I'm not sure what happened to the chicken after that. I would assume they brought him back to the station and tried to find the owner like they do with all other lost animals.

If you need a laugh, check out the video. It was shared on the Spotted in Rochester Facebook page by Justin Caffes.

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