Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester woman accused of trying to kill her five young children in a murder/suicide told investigators she “had hoped they would all die peacefully.”

Five charges of attempted 1st-degree murder are included in the criminal complaint filed against 32-year-old Fahriyo Abdullahi.

Olmsted County ADC
Olmsted County ADC

She was arraigned Friday and her bail was set at $1,000,000.

Abdullahi is accused of trying to kill the children by putting them in her car while it was running and filling the interior with fumes from the exhaust pipe. She called off the plan after the kids started getting sick. It happened last Tuesday and police found out two days later.

The criminal complaint says Abdullahi admitted that she tried to kill herself and her kids and “it didn’t work out.”

Court records indicate Abdullahi has been on medication for treatment of depression and schizophrenia and may have been off her meds for three months or longer.

County officials have told the court the whereabouts of the children’s father are unknown. They learned the couple married and divorced in 2016 and there have been no known child support payments.

Abdullahi underwent a mental health evaluation in 2018 after being charged with misdemeanor assault and was ruled competent.

Olmsted County social workers are now in the process of placing the children in emergency protection. The children range in age from 4 to 11.

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