We just wrapped up the Rice County Fair yesterday, after a hot, and wet week. Not many grandstand shows happened due to the weather or threat of weather, which is out of the hands of the Rice County Fair board. This week is shaping up to be pretty comfortable and dry, and it's also the week that the Scott County Fair is happening in Jordan. From tractor pulls to motocross there will be a little of everything at the fair's grandstand. Here's a list of what you can expect at the grandstand during the fair. 

When the Scott County Fair kicks off on Wednesday it starts with a BIG night with the NTPA Truck and Tractor Pull going on at the grandstand. It's known as “the world’s heaviest motorsport.” Since the Rice County Fair's didn't happen due to weather you can get your fix to our North and West. Tickets are $15 for adults $10 for kids with the action getting underway at 7:00pm.

On Thursday the grandstand will be holding another truck and tractor pull, but locals can participate. There are 11 tractor classes, 2 super farm classes, 3 pick-up truck classes, and 2 semi-truck classes that can compete. It's only $5 to compete and $10 for admission. There is no pre-registering for the event according to the participation form. You simply sign up the same day at the announcer stand.

Friday night is monstrous as the Monster Truck Summer Nationals & Thrill Show comes to the grandstand. It'll be another loud night to go along with the smell of exhaust at the grandstand in Jordan. The Monster Truck Racing League will be there crushing cars and competing starting at 7:00pm. It's not clear which trucks will be there, but there could be a BIGFOOT sighting on the fairgrounds. Admission is $15 for adults and $10 for kids.

Saturday brings about everyones favorite county fair event. The Demo Derby. This year at the Scott County Fair there will be 6 'destructive' classes competing. The fair is paying out $13,500 this year, so a payday might be in your future. Who doesn't enjoy a little demo derby on the weekend? Best part about it is that it's Saturday night so you can really enjoy yourself as you'll have Sunday to recover your voice in time for Monday and work.

Finally, on Sunday the grandstand opens up early as motocross begins at 10:00am. MotoKazie comes to the Scott County Fairgrounds for some high revving action.

So maybe a little road trip this week to get our fill of heavy metal machinery tearing up a dirt track is in order? If your not sure where the fairgrounds are located in Jordan, you can head here for the address. 

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