soybeans 2019

This afternoon I went out to the farm to check my crops. It was a little exciting because I had not been out there since Monday afternoon. The rest of the week I was a little busy at the Rice County Fair. I was a bit concerned because my computer said the farm received around 3 inches of rain plus there was a thunderstorm with wind gusts of about 50 miles an hour on Saturday.

I saw a few branches down on the yard and some of the corn was leaning a bit but it appeared the storm had little impact. I was lucky as I got my corn planted by May 15 and it was shooting tassels. This is the critical pollination time or corn. The corn that was planted in early June is a few days away from tasseling yet. I was also pleased with my soybeans, The beans in the picture were planted by the middle of May and the soil is pretty well shaded. Even my beans planted in early June have almost shaded all the soil.

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