Last night if you came out to the Rice County Fair, you probably walked by the Sellner Stage and noticed a crowd of people watching the first Grandstand event of the Rice County Fair. Midwest All-Star Wrestling was in town and rather than have the event in the actual grandstand due to possible weather concerns the event was moved to the parking lot next to the Sellner Stage. 

It was a 7 match wrestling card with one of those matches being a tag team championship match. The talent that came our way was pretty exceptional and after the night of suplexes, chair shots, and body slams were over the wrestlers took time to come out and talk to the crowd.

You've got to hand it to the athletes, with how hot and humid it was they still put on a show. The night started off with Nikki Heat stopping the show and demanding to talk to management about a lack of respect he was receiving, as having to wrestle in a non-main event wasn't suiting him or his style. It led to a stipulation in his first match, where if he won he would be inserted into the main event, but if he lost he'd have to referee throughout the evening. Heat lost to Jerry Uhlricher in the first wrestling match of the evening, which set up some controversy later on.

Image Credit: Tara Langevin/Rice County Fair

The second match of the evening was Moses Mayhem against known heel 'The Renaissance' Ricky Noren. It was good over evil with Mayhem coming out victorious, but it was only after main event star Mitch Paradise chased Noren's associate 'The Revolution' Bill Williams away from the ringside.

It was Larry Literacy of Book Club and X facing off in the 3rd bout with X winning by pinfall.

The MAW Tag-Team Title was on the line in the 4th match of the night with the tag-team known as Law & Order took on the belt holders Karascene. There weren't any belts that changed hands as Karascene handcuffed Law & Order in short order.

In probably the most exciting match of the night, 'Irish' Aaron Corbin battled Kyle Pro in a falls count anywhere no DQ match. These two were wrestling all over the place. The wrestlers utilized any and everything, from trash cans to teacups. Pro even utilized the trailer used to transport the ring to launch himself off and take out Corbin. The two fought through the crowd and even dented a few chairs in the process. Pro ultimately came out on top after a 15+ minute match.

It was 'The Problem' Paul Virk taking on Cold Stone Tim Boston after a short break to put the ring and seating areas back in order. Virk, the prospect cup holder, came away with the win.

It was then time for the main event. Mitch Paradise hailing from New Prague was taking on the heel 'The Revolution' Bill Williams. It was a long hard match, with big slams coming from both wrestlers. But it boiled down to who had more wrestlers in their corner as 'The Renaissance' made his presence known ringside, ultimately making it somewhat of a 2-on-1 match. Paradise ended up losing to a shocked Williams. The emotional high of the win didn't last long, as both Noren and Williams were greeted by Moses Mayhem and tossed back into the ring where Paradise knocked their skulls together knocking them both out.

Image Credit: Tara Langevin/Rice County Fair

I along with Kat Kountry 105's Paisley Dunn got to be ring announcers for the event and it was a pretty fun experience to be apart of. Paisley and I did determine that we will think about competing for the tag-team title next year as the team known as Dunn-4.

Many thanks to MAW Wrestling for letting us participate, and the Rice County Fair for inviting MAW out to the fair, in what was a very well attended, and the first grandstand event at the Rice County Fair this summer.