Minnesota Senate Republicans today announced District 24 State Senator John Jasinski of Faribault will become the chairman of the Senate Local Government Committee when the new legislative session begins in January.

A new release about the appointment from the Senate GOP Caucus quotes Jasinski.

"I have spent more time in local government than I have in the Senate, including almost eight years as the mayor of Faribault, as well as tenure on the city council, planning commission, and the economic development authority.  I know the issues local governments have to deal with frequently, and I know what role they need the state to play in order to be successful.  I am excited to partner with all of Minnesota's cities and townships to help them flourish."

The news release goes on the say, "The priority for the session will be balancing the budget in light of an economy recovering from COVID.  The Senate Finance Committee is the only committee with hearing time available three days a week, or as needed.  Less meeting time will help focus the agendas and ensure public participation can be done safely."

"There are more committees, 29 in total, from 2020, but with fewer members to accomodate for social distancing.  The new committee areas are focused on:

Data practices and civil law, property taxes, mining and forestry, labor and industry, health and human services licensing, metropolitan governance, and redistricting.

District 24 encompasses all or parts of Rice, Steele, Dodge and Waseca Counties.


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