I'll start off with this nugget. My wife and I have a German Sheppard/Siberian Husky mutt named Grom. He loves being outside. Whether it's 95 and sunny or when it's cold and snowy. He specially loves the snow, we have caught him gazing longingly out the window when it snows, almost daydreaming about running and rolling around in the freshly fallen snow. But when the holidays begin to roll around my wife thinks he needs a sweater. 

Grom In Sweater
Image Credit: TSM Paul Shea

Look in those eyes. The embarrassment is obvious for both him and I. Poor guy, but like I told him every guy for himself. Better him than me. Unlike our dog, who really doesn't need a sweater or jacket, unless it's REALLY cold, there are some pets out there that do need a little extra cover during our cold winter months.

According to PetMD.com "Smaller, light-bodied breeds, toy breeds, and breeds that naturally have very short or thin hair coats benefit from a warm dog sweater for when they need to go outside, or for just hanging around the house. Dogs that tend to have short-cropped hair, like poodles, should also be given a sweater to protect them from very low temperatures. Also, older dogs with weaker immune systems and dogs with diseases that impair hair growth typically need an extra source for warmth, and this can be easily provided by a sweater or jacket, even indoors."

Maybe you enjoy seeing your pet in a festive seasonal sweater, maybe it's the old 'better him than me' thought process, we don't have to agree on that. What I think we can agree on is making sure our pets are comfortable and cared for over the winter months.

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