A couple of weeks ago I blew out a bunch of tickets to SMAAASH in the Mall of America. I just got another stack of tickets that I have to blow out this week on the Power 96 Morning Show. This place sounds is a video gamer's interactive dream come true. It's the kind of place you can have a lot of fun by yourself, with family or friends or throw a huge party or bring your employees to do some team building while having fun.

According to the Mall of America website, this recently opened virtual reality gaming center “is a much acclaimed world-class gaming and entertainment center that connects sports, virtual reality and dining into a highly interactive and innovative social experience for family, friends and children. Pioneering the field of sports simulation technology, proprietary gaming and virtual reality entertainment, SMAAASH games are currently in use in only 10 countries across the globe.” Read this as fun on a whole new level that you’ve never experienced before. The state-of-the-art multilevel go-karting track is the first thing I'd try my hand at. I love driving go-carts and would like to see how realistic it feels. Find out more about the other interactive games they have by visiting the SMAAASH website.

Listen between 6-9AM this week for your chance to score a pair of tickets to one complimentary virtual reality or active game at SMAAASH in the Mall of America from the Power 96 Morning Show.

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