Last week I gave away a bunch of tickets to SMAAASH at the Mall of America and they were such a smash with you that I decided to keep giving them away this week. Imagine an arcade where instead of just controlling the character, as they make their way through whatever quest they are on, you're the character trying to navigate the game.

SMAAASH offers up  several different games that you interact with including Meteor Dinosaur, Nitro Wheelie, Rally Racing, Sky Karting, Jurassic Escape, Zombie Outbreak, Haunted Hospital and more. By my count they have over two dozen games to enjoy, probably more than you could do in one night. I would probably try Sky Karting, Zombie Outbreak or another one that I thought looked challenging, Exterminator. No, you don't go from house to house wiping out bugs and pests, this game looks like it's loosely based on the Terminator movies. You go back in time to wipe out killer robots in a city that is teeming with them. If you get hungry while your having fun, SMAAASH also offers food and beverages, in fact they can even host a party if need be.

Whatever virtual adventure trips your trigger, listen between 6-9AM this week for your chance to score a pair of tickets to one complimentary virtual reality or active game at SMAAASH in the Mall of America from the Power 96 Morning Show.

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