A little snow didn't stop this Minnesota golfer! Ok, it was a lot of snow. The Oak Glen Golf Course and Banquet Facility in Stillwater posted a video on their Facebook page last Friday, March 1st when we were getting all that snow of someone golfing!

This person, whoever they are, was pretty committed. They rolled up on a snowmobile, got all set up with their orange golf ball (smart, using a white one would have been really problematic), hit an impressive shot (while wearing snow gear and a helmet!), hopped back on the snowmobile and moved on!

It's a pretty funny video because this is one of those times that the phrase "Only in Minnesota" is appropriate.

Check out the video!

Maybe this person is onto something. Golf courses could get a few snowmobiles, people come to golf and use the snowmobiles like you would a golf cart, to get from one hole to another. EH?! Could be a good idea!



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