While Minnesota kids are wishing for another snow day, the animals in our state are having a little fun!  In case you missed it, caught on camera was a snowball fight by some of the biggest animals in our state.


Como Park Zoo & Conservatory Animals Caught On Camera Having Some Minnesota Winter Fun

Sometimes, our cameras capture some pretty unique moments and lucky for all of us, one of those moments happened at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory on Wednesday.  A bunch of the gorillas were hanging outside in the nice weather and had a fun, little snowball fight.

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What's the funniest thing that you've seen an animal do?

I have two dogs that are always doing silly things at our house.  When we dress them up though, that is the funniest!  Let me know your funny pet moments over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

Now, we've had a few moments with our two dogs when things were not as cute.  In fact, we've had a lot of those moments including the dogs eating the baseboards, the window trim, destroying shoes, and...well...the video below will show you another of those special moments in our real life.

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Top 10 Animals That Are The Most Dangerous in Minnesota

One animal that I can't stand at all is a snake.  I don't care that they are great for the ecosystem and that they eat mice.  I don't EVER want to see one.  But Minnesota has quite a few animals that are dangerous and below are the top 10 that landed on the list.

The Most Dangerous Animals You Will Find In Minnesota

Some animals found in Minnesota and one even found in most people's homes can be extremely dangerous.

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