Yesterday in Owatonna there were two scheduled peaceful protests planned at 11:30AM and 1:00PM. Melissa Hall was at one of the protests in the downtown Owatonna area and shared with us a few pictures of the mostly peaceful event. Melissa indicated to us that there were "no major issues, but there were some minor flare-ups amongst a few protesters."

Owatonna Peaceful Protests

I think the most telling photo was of the Owatonna officers joining those protesting for a moment by taking a knee as seen in the photo below.

The protests in Owatonna stemmed from the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Memorial Day while he was being detained by police after allegedly passing a fake $20 bill at a grocery store.

It has to be reassuring to residents of Owatonna that nothing like what happened in Minneapolis during their protests and demonstrations happened in town yesterday.

It is unclear right now as to how many people participated in the two protests yesterday in Owatonna.

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