I believe we are going to get hit with something, rain, snow, ice, maybe a mix of all 3? I can say this with confidence, without even looking at a forecast. How can I do this you ask? The answer is simple, and yet not so simple.

I am getting old, and I can admit that freely. With age comes wisdom, more common sense, and lowered insurance rates. Also, with age, comes the fact that your body is no longer as forgiving as it once was, and

. It has to do with the change in the barometric pressure, which is explained here.

Not everyone who is past a certain age can predict the weather, but, we all know someone who can tell when there is a storm coming, and research is showing that this may not be an old wive's tale. Injuries to the joints, arthritis, even fibromyalgia can make it easier to feel weather changes coming.

I woke up this morning feeling out of it, with a headache and joint pain in my knees. I have had a prior injury to my knees, and I can usually tell when there is precipitation coming. This means, that if you trust my knees, we are getting some type of precip.

Don't just trust my joints. I also have a couple of friends who have fibromyalgia, and they are also saying we are going to get some kind of storm this weekend. No, none of us can tell if it will be rain or snow, all we can tell is that something is coming.

So, when your grandma says a storm is brewing, she can feel it in her joints, you can pretty much believe it.



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