It's not a corndog or mini-donut beer. Sonic Drive-Ins didn't want to be outdone by burger royalty so they stepped up and are now offering not one but TWO new state fair theme desserts. Days after Burger King released Funnel Cake Fries last week, Sonic Drive-In has added two new deep-fried sweets to its all-day menu – Oreo à la mode and Cinnabon Cinnasnacks à la mode.

The fast-food chain told USA Today that the “snacks create delectable and dippable combinations of hot with cold and gooey with crunchy.”

The Oreo dessert, the classic cookies are battered and fried and then served with Sonic’s vanilla ice cream. The Cinnabon treat is served with ice cream and “features warm melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon roll filling,” according to the same USA Today article.

The treats will set you back $2.99 each and are available at participating locations for a limited time. If these look like must-try treats the closest Sonic Drive In is found in Bloomington.

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