This is just plain creepy!

If you have an Apple device you need to disable your FaceTime app immediately! Here's why:

There's a bug which allows someone who calls you on FaceTime to hear you BEFORE YOU PICK UP. What's even worse is that if you use your volume or power button to ignore the call it then allows the caller to not only hear but also see you. NO THANKS!

The way this happens is if one Apple user calls another Apple user on FaceTime. The caller then taps "Add Person" and dials their own number. FaceTime then thinks that you're entering a conference call and automatically allows the caller access to your audio.

Apple does know about the issue and they're working on a fix which is supposed to be ready later this week.

For right now, they ask that you disable your FaceTime app. Here's how to do that on your Apple devices:

iPhone: go to settings > tap "FaceTime" > switch the toggle to grey

Mac: open your FaceTime app > click "FaceTime" under the Menu bar > click "Turn Off FaceTime"



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