While it feels good to be back at work, the weather has got me cooped up indoors over the next few days. I didn't get a chance to check on my little brown keg of beer before we left on vacation. So last night after an extra week of fermenting I began bottling my first ever batch of beer. 

Image Credit: Paul Shea TSM

I brought the LBK, shown above, out of it's resting place in a closet and let it re-settle so as not to get a lot of sediment during the bottling process. While the fermented brew settled I mixed up a batch of one-step cleanser and dosed the inside of my bottles.

Image Credit: Paul Shea TSM

After letting the cleaner do it's thing for 10 minutes it was time to empty out the bottles and prep them with granulated sugar for the carbonation process. This called for a steady hand, and to speed up the process I had my wife put the sugar in the empty bottles while I filled them.

Before I ended up bottling the brew, I did try some to see how the process was coming. I think I'm going to enjoy these home-made creations, but I've got about 10 days before it's ready to drink.

I'll have one more homebrewing update in about two weeks, hopefully showing the fruits of my labors...an empty bottle or two.