It's supposed to be absolutely freezing Tuesday through Thursday morning. We could hit -50 with wind chill this week! So when does it get so cold that the Governor decides to call off school for the whole state? Well, it seems to vary based on the Governor.

In 1994 Governor Carlson called off school throughout the state when it was -26, -48 with the wind chill.

He did it again in 1996 when it was -34 degrees and a wind chill of -48, but the day prior it was just as cold and school was still on.

The final time Governor Carlson called off school statewide was in 1997 when the temperature was -8 but the wind chill dropped it to -32.

Then in 2014, Governor Dayton called off school when the high was -12 and a wind chill of -48.

If the predictions are correct, our wind chill for this week will be colder than any of the instances listed above. So will Governor Walz call off school? He says he's thinking about it.



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