The Minnesota DNR recently publicized that all ice fish houses in Southern Minnesota, south of "an east-west line formed by U.S. Hwy. 10, east along Hwy. 34 to Minnesota Hwy. 200, east along Hwy. 200 to U.S. Hwy. 2, and east along Hwy. 2 to the Minnesota-Wisconsin border," must be removed by March 4th.

If you do not remove your fish house by the 4th (which is less than 2 weeks away) you will be prosecuted. Here's what the Minnesota DNR says about the removal of your fish house:

  • The structure and contents may be confiscated and removed, or destroyed by a conservation officer [if not removed].
  • After removal dates, shelters may remain on the ice between midnight and one hour before sunrise only when occupied or attended.
  • Storing or leaving shelters on a public access is prohibited.

If you have a fish house in northern Minnesota (so north of that imaginary line I mentioned earlier) you have until March 18th to remove your fish house.



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