We're used to seeing a LOT of different weather during spring in Minnesota, including this way-cool phenomenon that happened early Thursday.

Did you notice this too? It was just about 1:30 early Thursday morning when I was first awakened by several bright flashes coming in our bedroom window. This in itself is pretty rare, because I'm a notoriously heavy sleeper, with few things being able to wake me up. This morning, though, the flash got to me-- as did our dog, Asher, who was whining and apparently had to go outside.

So, as I was waiting for Asher to do his business in our backyard, and still being half asleep, I wasn't quite sure what was going on until I saw it, plain as day-- lightning. While it was SNOWING. Yep. We were getting a good 'ol dose of thundersnow--  thunder and lightning that happens during a snowstorm-- which is something Mother Nature doesn't often do. (You can read what causes thundersnow HERE.)

In fact, thundersnow is so rare, ABC-6 Meteorologist Chris Kuball noted on his Twitter page that our Thursday morning display was "Probably the most lightning I’ve ever seen associated with Winter Weather in my 11 years here," Chris said.

Thundersnow is also a favorite of noted Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore, who gets REALLY excited when it happens while he's covering a storm. Check out the video montage below!

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