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The last 24 hours have sucked at our house. One of our pets is sick, and my wife has the flu so now is the time to start purchasing stock of Kleenex brand. I was on Amazon looking up some flu-remedy ideas/contraptions because this is what you do while you are in a waiting room at a doctor's office. While looking at various ideas/cures I stumbled upon the 'Movers and Shakers' section of Amazon, and I was surprised to see that a tiny hidden camera was a top-selling item over the last 24 hours.

Maybe it isn't that odd for a hidden camera to a top-selling item online...

Another top seller that made sense to me based on the time of the year was a rechargeable hand warmer.

You probably aren't slipping this handwarmer into a pair of gloves, but it seems like something that wouldn't be too bad to have if you were out snowmobiling or ice fishing.

Not surprising, face masks were also a top seller due to all of the news circulating about the coronavirus going around.

Amazon looks at the top 'movers and shakers' every hour and adjusts what's the best selling product in each category according to their website. 

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