ST. PAUL -- Health officials are encouraging Minnesotans to make COVID-19 emergency preparedness plans.

The Minnesota Department of Health launched their new Make a Plan MN campaign this week to help families plan ahead in case of an emergency during the pandemic.

Infectious Disease Division Director Kris Ehresmann says they have seen situations where parents or guardians become sick and are unable to take care of their kids for a short period of time.

Make a Plan Minnesota is a new campaign developed to urge parents and guardians to develop plans for alternate short-term care for their children in the event that they become seriously ill.

She says in the event of a parent being hospitalized and a child needing alternate short-term care, having a plan in place can make the transition easier for everyone.

The MDH says some important things to consider include choosing a caregiver, and creating a list of critical information such as medical and educational needs and preferred routines.

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